Understanding Sentinels Personality

Character and Competence

  • They feel comfortable with who they are, and they take pride in their good character and their competence
  • They seek order, security, and stability, and they tend to work hard to maintain their way of things
  • Careful and consistent, Sentinel personalities tend to be self-motivated
  • They work hard and aim never to let anyone down, and they expect other people to embrace this same ethic as well

Due Diligence

  • Sentinels have a core of principles that they bring to their academic and professional pursuit
  • The result is that Sentinels tend to work hard, striving to meet deadlines, and generally get things done
  • Sentinels stand out for their ability to stick with their work until it’s done – even if the work is tedious or rote
  • Productivity is a bit of a superpower – and they get great satisfaction from exercising their ability to get things done

Guidance and Wisdom

  • Sentinels want to offer stability and wisdom to others
  • Sentinels feel bolstered by having reliable people in their lives, and they make sure they hold up their end of the bargain
  • It can be difficult for Sentinel personalities to accept people who lack their conscientiousness
  • They often serve as engaged and caring mentors to those who wish to grow in that direction

Steady Progress

  • Sentinels are hardly unimaginative
  • They simply take inspiration from the past rather than the future
  • They remain loyal to established best practices and traditions
  • Sentinel personalities thrive in environments that have clear hierarchies and rules
  • They gain great satisfaction from guiding a well-functioning group

Love and Care

  • They are more likely fall in love easily
  • Sentinels often show their love in practical ways
  • Sentinels wouldn’t mind being recognized for the ways they help others, but these personalities rarely demand attention
  • They may not be obvious with their feelings, but Sentinels do care and care deeply

Planning Ahead

  • Sentinels know the value of a well-made plan
  • Sentinels aren’t afraid to think up every contingency that might arise
  • Sentinels can learn to distinguish between when they should stick with their plans and when they’d do well to change course
  • They can press through even the most challenging of circumstances, bringing together determination and adaptability