Understanding Explorers Personality

On the Fly

  • They tends to be self-reliant and quick-thinking
  • They don’t mind handling uncertain situations
  • Explorers’ flexibility helps them to adapt to the moment, even if they don’t feel particularly prepared
  • They prefer workability and usefulness to perfection
  • They enjoy learning different tools and techniques, from rotary saws to sheet music to emergency response strategies

Living for Change

  • Explorers can change their minds with minimal regret or second-guessing
  • They dislike monotony, and they may stray from their obligations in order to try new things
  • They enjoy being free of obligations, where they can indulge themselves or their interests on their own time
  • They design and build their own dream house, but end up procrastinating on simple repairs after a few years

Social Ingenuity

  • Their spontaneity draws them to appealing strangers and interesting experiences
  • Explorers enjoy being on the leading edge of things
  • Many Explorer personalities enjoy sharing these findings with others, and they take pride in introducing their friends and loved ones to the latest and greatest things
  • The time spent with Explorers is almost never boring or repetitive


  • Explorer personality types have a reputation for constantly being on the move – and some people might wonder whether this restlessness applies to their romantic relationships as well
  • The early phases of a relationship are energizing – full of new experiences and fresh discoveries
  • Explorers are slightly more likely than average to say that intimate relationships have increased their maturity more than anything else

Doing the Work

  • Explorers are highly spontaneous, connecting with their environment
  • Explorer personalities often find themselves forced to sit through classes that just don’t excite them
  • When they’re working on something they’re passionate about, they can move heaven and earth
  • Explorers’ ability to balance work with fun can help them avoid burnout

The Power of Risk

  • Explorers say they take risks simply for the fun of it
  • As long as they temper this trait with a degree of self-control, comfort with risk can be one of Explorers’ greatest strengths
  • It can motivate them to open up in their relationships and empower them to seek out new academic and professional opportunities.
  • Explorers can use their own brand of bravery to free themselves from conventionality and create lives that work for them