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Life is complicated

Life is beautiful when you feel its beauty, but complicated when you see only its problems


The leading cause of disability & suicidal deaths


Lowers learning rate, causes depression & diseases

Financial Issues

Lead to unhealthy habits, sleep problems & diseases

Bad Habits

They drain away both mental & physical energy

Unhealthy Relationship

They lead to insecurity, pain & emotional breakdown

Health Issues

People with mental disorders die 10 to 20 years earlier

Early patterns

Even though they are visible, they fail to be recognized which will consequently lead to a complicated life.

Issues grow with time

Time may heal or scar the wound, but when is scars the wound, it may lead to a complicated relationship.

Bad practices

People develop a set of negative cognitions of beliefs and expectations for the world and they eventually isolate themselves leading to bad practices.

Life can be simple

Healthy Relationships
Healthy Mind & Body
Good Habits & Routines
Financial Stability

How can we change our future?

Move away from fixing one issue at a time

Let's fix the root cause instead

Fix the root cause

35,000 choices per day

An adult makes about 35,000 sub-conscious decisions each day whereas a child makes about 3,000.

Two primary choices in life

The choice to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.

The domino effect

Choices often cause a chain reaction that leads to events.

What motivates us to make a choice

Choice blocks for a better life

  • Hope Desire to succeed
  • Love Realization of family & society
  • Peace Focus & Meditation, Understanding Life
  • Health Needs vs Wants, Nutrition
  • Financial Needs vs Wants, Rich dad vs Poor Dad
  • Empathy Culture awareness, habits of highly effective people
choice blocks

Your mind is so strong - Use its autopilot function

Train your mind in making right choices every time

Smart choice framework makes people 'Happy', 'Successful' and 'Relevant' in fast changing world

How it works

Realize & Accept

Accept the fact that there is an issue.

Seek & find an answer

Seek answer for the issue at the earliest.

Implement the solution

Implement the solution without any hesitation.

Live a happy life

Live a happy & successful life.

Unique Choices

Our Fingerprint

Our choices are like our fingerprint - they make me unique

You are unique - Your choice framework too

Unique Choices

Be who you are - 100% privacy and confidentiality

Everything you do on this website is anonymous


Phone tracking
Google tracking
Facebook tracking


Our mission is to empower people to make the right choices when faced with real-life issues as well as keeping them 'Happy', 'Successful' and 'Relevant' in a fast changing world

Our goal is to identify and resolve issues before they become a problem

My Choice = My Future

As of today, we offer below (100% Free):

  1. Free personality quiz - One of the world's most advanced and accurate
  2. Personality changes tracking - Find how you are changing with time
  3. Choice Rx - Identify what's impacting you and how to solve issues - 152 issues with over 500+ treatment choices
  4. Polls - Learn how you change based on circumstances
  5. Find career options that suit your personality
  6. Events conducted by verified organizations
  7. Compatibility with your family, friends, co-workers

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